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Check out the latest EnderCast! In this week’s spoiler-heavy episode, Crystal and Kelly welcome Adam Spunberg from the Hunger Games Fireside Chat podcast to talk about

  • parallels between Ender’s Game and The Hunger Games,
  • this new still of Ender, Graff, and Mazer,
  • how the EG movie will differ from the book in one important way, and how that is actually probably a good thing (read Crystal’s editorial about that HERE) and
  • the Ender’s Game board game and the Funko Pop!Vinyl figures of Ender and Petra that were announced earlier this week.

In addition, the hosts welcome huge Ender’s Game/Asa Butterfield fan and speed twitterer Fernanda (@frahnias) to the newest installment of Pop Quiz, Fart Eater. Listen to the Episode HERE and find out how she did!


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