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A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned something on Facebook about a prop auction happening soon for Ender’s Game and now we’ve officially got a date for you launchies to mark on your calendars: Monday, March 9, 2015.

PropStore.com will be auctioning off nearly everything from the set, including original costumes, props, and key set dressing pieces. The auction will be running exclusively on PropStore.com for two weeks, with forty new items added every week for ten days. Those of you interested can register here: http://propstore.auctionserver.net/view-auctions/info/id/21/

See some images of the items that will be available below!

Images used with permission from PropStore.com.

Will you be bidding on any of the items? It’s a chance to own a piece of sci-fi movie history!

  • Kevin

    I won 2 of the BDU costumes so far 😀

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