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Happy Monday, Launchies! This past weekend I got motivated to do some Ender’s Game cupcakes. The army logos are great for doing fan artsy stuff and since I do a lot of these kinds of cupcake things for my other blog Fictional Food, it was really only a matter of time until I tried to tackle these.

And for those of you wondering where Leopard and Centipede is, just go look at those logos and tell me if you think it’s humanly possible to cut those things out of fondant. 😉

To make the logos, I rolled black fondant really thin and then let it dry for a bit to make it easier to cut. I’d printed out the logos on paper and cut them out first. For Phoenix and Griffin, I used a photo from the Ender’s Game Experience I found online, since my good photos of the logos got eaten on my corrupted SD card.


After that, I laid them over the frosting and started cutting with an X-Acto knife. Sadly, the paper got stuck to Phoenix and Salamander, which is why those don’t look too good.


Here are the logos all cut out and drying. The white stuff is powdered sugar to keep it from sticking to the bottom.

Since I only had Halloween cupcake cups, they would have looked kind of dopey from the sides, so I made cupcake wrappers. I first did these kinds of wrappers for my Effie Trinket cupcakes and they worked really well for these too!


If you want to try wrapping your own cupcakes, I have the wrappers in PDF form for you to download. They may need a little trimming and you’ll also need to leave a little tab on one end to glue/tape together.


Here’s the side of the Dragon cupcake. I put book and movie quotes on the opposite sides of each of them.


I don’t think Graff likes me insinuating he’s a “rat” by putting him on the Rat Army cupcake…


Here’s the Salamander cupcake. It’s still got little bits of sugar on it and his poor tail fell off. It was too hard to separate the belly sections, so I just cut into the frosting and it turned out fine. To make this color I used green fondant mixed with gobs of yellow and orange color gel.


Griffin Army cupcake! The ear was hard to cut, but I like how it came out overall. I should have made it bigger though. This was just straight green, nice and easy.


As I mentioned earlier, the Phoenix got a little dinged up. I didn’t pat enough sugar onto it and the paper got stuck to the frosting. The color was made by mixing blue and green fondant.


Rat Army cupcake. I thought the whiskers and toes would be impossible, but they weren’t too bad. I just used basic red fondant for this. If you’re wondering why I have so many colors, it’s from making cakes like this Mario one for my son and this Hello Kitty one for my daughter. I just have a fully stocked fondant pantry!


Here’s Asp, which was pretty hard to cut. This is one of my favorite logos. Totally reminds me of the auryn from Neverending Story.


And finally, here’s the Dragon. Still my favorite design! Tonight I’ll take some more photos and then let my kids fight over which cupcake they get. This morning my son was giving me a hard time because I always freak out with them touching my stuff before I get to do photos and video. He was barely touching one with his pinky and taunting me, saying, “Ooohh look Mommy, look look! I’m touching the cupcake, oh no!!!”

The kid needs some sitting on. This is on the agenda for tonight. I took video so you guys can see the wrappers better and will post that later this week.

Here’s one last photo with the poster:


I could go into a number of dorky lines for these.

“The enemy’s cake is down.”

“We need cakes like yours, Ender.”

“You will be the one to frost mankind.”

I’m sure Graff would have gotten appropriately fat if I’d been supplying these to him at Battle School.




  1. Bruna Figueiroa says:

    these are amazing! Seriously, you are very talented with cupcakes and cakes! I just visited your food site and I’m in love with your work! I like to make cupcakes myself but they are just simple cupcakes, I cannot do these amazing art on them! I wish I could do at least a dragon army cupcakes, who knows? I’ll talk with my mum and see if we can try

    • Thanks Bruna! Working with fondant is just like working with clay and it’s pretty fun!

      • Bruna Figueiroa says:

        Well, I’m not the best with clay but who knows. After all I’m in arts college, I should know how to work with clay! hehe. Oh, by the way, I think Dink would work with Rat Army better than Graff, maybe?

  2. Kevin says:

    those are awesome!

  3. Wendy Clare says:

    After clicking through to your other creations, my jaw is on the floor…Cake Boss? Who’s he? You need to do your own Geek Cake Boss show on the sci fi channel or something. Seriously…you’ve got skills, girl!

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  5. Oran says:

    I need griffin, phoenix, centipede, and leopard logos and cannot find any but super small ones.. any hints on anything larger than these…?

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