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The Wiggins

Asa Butterfield Abigail Breslin
Andrew “Ender” Wiggin
Actor: Asa Butterfield
Valentine Wiggin
Actor: Abigail Breslin
Peter Wiggin
Actor: Jimmy “Jax” Pinchak
Andrea Powell Stevie Ray Dallimore
Theresa Wiggin
Actor: Andrea Powell
John Wiggin
Actor: Stevie Ray Dallimore

Battle School Teachers

Harrison Ford Ben Kingsley Viola Davis
Colonel Hyram Graff
Actor: Harrison Ford
Mazer Rackham
Actor: Ben Kingsley
Major Gwen Anderson
Actor: Viola Davis
Nonso Anozie Tony Mirrcandani
Dap (Mom)
Actor: Nonso Anozie
Admiral Chamrajnagar
Actor: Tony Mirrcandani

Battle School Students

Actor: Suraj Partha
Actor: Aramis Knight
Actor: Conor Carroll
Bonzo Madrid
Actor: Moises Arias
Dink Meeker
Actor: Khylin Rhambo
Fly Molo
Actor: Brandon Soo Hoo
Actor: Jacob Leinbach
Petra Arkanian
Actor: Hailee Steinfeld
Pol Slattery
Actor: Cameron Gaskins

Other Characters

Young Mazer Rackham
Actor: Kyle Russell Clements
Graff’s Aide
Actor: Han Soto
Actor: Caleb Thaggard
  • aiisa a.

    so i had to read Ender’s Game for a school project, i ended up really loving it. Orson is a great author and i really enjoy reading his science fiction.
    cant wait to see the movie

  • Guest

    Who’s gonna play Ender Wiggins as a kid?

  • Wendy Clare

    Just noticed this…but “Rose Slattery”?? As in , a combination of Rose de Nose and Pol Slattery? IMDb lists Cameron Gaskins as Pol, so I’m assuming your listing is a typo. ;-) <

    • MajorAnderson

      yes, you’re right. It probably was a long day ;) . Thanks for letting us know!

  • Sara Bailey

    who gonna play Ender Wiggin as a kid i will

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