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The GAMA Trade Show is going on in Vegas this week and Crypotzoic, the company that will be producing an Ender’s Game TCG and game, is in attendance. According to reports on Twitter, the company was able to exclusively show the Ender’s Game trailer to certain members of the press.


Totally jealous here! Hopefully we’ll get to hear some feedback/reaction soon.

Source: via @EnderSpeaker

  • Jason

    Wow! Talk about feeling like a kid in front of a candy store window.

    • I know right? My face is smashed against the glass and the store is closed! 🙁

      • Jason

        So do you think the journalists are under a NDA? Can they write about the trailer? Have you tried to find out who these journalists are?

        • Valentine

          I don’t know who they are other than press at GAMA!

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