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UPDATE: Summit Entertainment has just confirmed with me that Steve Jablonsky will in fact be scoring Ender’s Game.

While the last we heard of the Ender’s Game score was a rumor that James Horner would be doing the film’s score, this was never actually confirmed by Summit. When checking IMDB (which has the Ender’s Game trailer featured on the front page!) today, I noticed that the film’s composer had been changed to Steve Jablonsky.

If you’re not sure who he is by name, you’d most likely recognize his work from the three Transformers films.

Here’s a sampling of his music:

While I was thrilled to hear that James Horner was possibly tied to the project, I’d be really pleased with Jablonsky as well. I thought his scores for all three Transformers movies remained great scores even while the entertainment quality of the third movie dipped rather drastically (in my humble opinion).

This story is still a rumor, as IMDB can be edited by anyone with a premium membership. I’ve contacted Summit about confirmation.


  1. domk says:

    Horner was not a rumor. Roberto Orci confirmed it on Twitter after the news got out.

    • That being said, Summit did NOT confirm. It’s always possible Bob read all the press that spewed out after that original article, with NO source, posted it and everyone picked up the story.

      • domk says:

        I’m pretty sure as a producer, he would know if they hired a composer and not randomly respond to fans that Horner is scoring it. It’s very possible that Horner didn’t work out though, composers get replaced on film scores all the time.

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