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Last week at the Ender’s Game premiere in LA, Kelly and I got to talk to Ender’s Game composer Steve Jablonsky. Listen to him talk about how he came to be on the project, his reaction to his first time watching the film, and his hopes for our reaction to the film.

My own video had terrible audio, so I grabbed the embed from Ender News. Thank you Kelly and Aidan!

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  1. Wendy Clare says:

    [Ack! You need subtitles!!] When I first heard the prereleased clips from the soundtrack, my immediate reaction was “this guy really GETS Ender! He must really know the book!” So I’m astonished to find out that he /hadn’t/ read the book before, but based all his composing on the film itself and Asa’s performance–wow!! The music in this film is what really seals the deal emotionally for me…I’m addicted to listening to the soundtrack. And having seen the movie four times, now I can mentally “rewatch” it when I put the cd in. I honestly haven’t done that since Fellowship of the Ring. Superb job. 😀 <

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