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11 entries came in for our Ender’s Game Pumpkin Carving contest and after looking through and examining each pumpkin, here are the results!

In First Place, winning the Grand Prize packet, is this Ender’s Game poster pumpkin by Emma! Amazing job, Emma!

In second place is this Dragon Army/Ender’s Game logo pumpkin by Dustin. Nice job! I can feel the pain of that logo carving. 🙂

In Third Place, we have this Salamander Army logo pumpkin by Andrew. Bonzo would be proud!




And finally, we have this Griffin Army logo pumpkin by Natalie. I’d have ranked this higher, but sadly I had to penalize for lack of a lit in the dark photo.



Thanks to everyone who participated! I will be in touch soon!

In closing, here’s the full image of my own Ender’s Game pumpkin, which I never did post because I was too busy…





  1. Dustin Solmonson says:

    totally dont mean to sound greedy or anything.. just curious if the prizes for these were still being awarded or no? It’s cool if they’re not.. just curious.. I’m almost bummed the movie buzz has died down.. I miss having you pop up in my facebook and rss reader on a daily basis! 🙂

    • Crystal says:

      Hey Dustin, yep still am and sorry for the delay! My post office just drastically reduced their hours so it’s harder and harder for me to get to the counter, but I’ll try to get this out this week!

      • Dustin Solmonson says:

        please dont take that as me trying to rush you.. i really was only curious.. you are so awesome for running these contests in the first place and god knows its a crazy time of year! thank you for everything you’ve done and all the awesome content you’ve provided the ender-verse up to this point! side note.. have they released any thoughts on a sequel yet, i havent seen any note and last i heard they were waiting for international numbers to come in

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