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Summit has just released TV spot #5 titled ‘Truth’, which once again focuses on the secret the teachers hide from Ender on Eros.


  1. Fiona says:

    THE EGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wendy Clare says:

    I confess I’m a bit stunned by two things in this trailer: First, that they would show the Hive Queen’s egg…it means absolutely NOTHING to those who’ve not read the book, and doesn’t add any enticement to see the film, imo. And secondly, “Where are we going?” “Their home planet”=WHUUUT??? I guess that means…oh good grief, I have no idea. I knew Eros had been upgraded from an asteroid to a former Bugger planet, but if /that’s/ their “home world”, then what exactly does Ender, erm, destroy during his “final exam”??

    At this point, I want them to stop releasing any more clips/trailers. There’s only a little over a week until this comes out here in the US, so I can wait. I’m still excited beyond words, and I’ve bought my tickets for opening night, as well as an IMAX showing on the 3rd. The week will go by quickly!!

    • Locke64 says:

      I think the “Where are we going” is referring to where the battleships are going, not where Command School is. That or the two quotes were spliced together out of context.

      And I think the egg is relevant. It shows that the movie will explore Formic society more than just having them be an object to fight against.

      • Wendy Clare says:

        Of course it’s completely relevant to those of us who’ve read the book(s). And it’s a rush to see the egg, no question. My issue is how can the General Public make that connection? At this point, with only trailers & TV spots to go on, there’s no indication at all WHAT the Formics look like, much less that they’re insect-like, so how could anyone know what the egg is, besides a gooey, hairy thing with an E.T. heart light glowing from within?

        As far as the “where are we going” lines, I was just blurting out my immediate reactions to this particular spot. Overall, I know the movie will be what it is, and I will undoubtedly have a love/hate relationship with it once I’ve seen it and had a chance to pick it apart. And the bottom line is I salute Gavin & cast & crew for all the hard work and passion they’ve put into the production. 😉 <

  3. Jason says:

    I get more and more excited with each snippet of new scene I see. I keep getting more than I am expecting from the movie.

  4. Locke64 says:

    yussss Hive Queen!

  5. Lukas says:

    The “Where are we going?” is said by Ender in the shuttle (we’ve seen this in another clip). You can see that Harrison Ford’s line “Their home planet.” was not said in the shuttle. In the shuttle he said something like “much further”.

  6. I think it can still work in that Ender does know there’s a fleet, he just doesn’t know that the fleet is already there. So Graff telling him that’s where they’re going is totally fine.

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