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Yahoo! Movies has just debuted a new TV spot for Ender’s Game called “Morality” which features new footage of the conflict between Ender and Graff, giving us more assurance that the heavy moral issue of the novel have indeed made it to the big screen.

Excuse me while I go find a box of Kleenex.


  1. Fiona says:

    so many new things!!!

  2. Jay says:

    Ender’s tears. Asa is so perfect!

  3. Ludwig Scroggins IV says:

    still not liking Ford’s ol’ softy version of Graff. This is not how Graff is supposed to be,

    • Garett Du Hamel says:

      I have read Ender’s Game around 30 times and personally I think ford going doing Graff perfectly. remember that Graff really does care very much about Ender and the other kids he just never lets them know it.

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