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It’s been a truly CRAZY day for Ender’s Game fans with tons of new images, video, and more coming out. And it’s probably only going to get crazier, Launchies!

But in the meantime, we’ve got a great prize for you guys for today’s Countdown to NovEnder. Insight Editions, who will be releasing their film companion book Ender’s Game: Inside the World of an Epic Adventure next week on October 15 (pre-order it here) has donated a copy of the book for today’s giveaway.


This giveaway is open worldwide.

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For today’s giveaway, tell us if you’ll be reading this book before seeing the movie.

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  1. Truman Crockett says:

    Leaving a comment. Favorite book growing up. Hope the movie lives up to it

  2. TheDanLevy says:

    Yes, I will be reading this before the movie. Can’t leave any stone in the Enderverse unturned!!!

  3. Olivia Salvador says:

    No, I don’t want to have the book so fresh in my mind that I am distracted by the book to movie changes.

  4. Claudia Nava says:

    I dont know… But I think yes

  5. Suzy Cohen says:

    I’ll probably read it after, so that I’ll see the movie as it’s intended to first, then see how its done.

  6. Suzy Cohen says:

    I’ll probably read it after, so that I can wonder how they did it, and then be amazed at how they did it.

  7. De'Lonna Day says:

    After! I’ll be too busy rereading the series up until the film’s premiere.

  8. Locke64 says:

    Nooooo I’ve already seen too much! I’ll read it after watching the movie one or two times.

  9. Jay says:

    I read Ender’s Game a month ago. So, right now i’m reading Ender’s Shadow. almost done with it now and i love it!

    • Theodore Bailey says:

      In my honest opinion, it would be great if they made a movie for Ender’s Shadow instead of making one for Speaker for the Dead. Bean is an important character and no one really gets that until the Ender’s Shadow series.

      • Jay says:

        Since i have not read the ” Speaker for the Dead” yet. I will not talk about it. But i must agree that not only bean,but there are so many complex characters and directions to the books. It would be a shame if the movies didn’t do them proper justice.

  10. Natalie Reinholtz says:

    I’m not sure, I’m still trying to finish the whole series yet

  11. Stephanie Clare says:

    I’ve been reading and rereading the books pretty much nonstop for the past 6 months at least, and I’ve introduced no fewer than 10 newbies to the Enderverse. (And this is really Wendy…I can’t figure out how to log Steph out and myself in, lol…told you I was technologically challenged!)

  12. FG says:

    I haven’t decided yet. I dont know if I will read it and look at it until I have it in my hand and break down …

  13. Mark Jang says:


  14. AJM229 says:

    After, definitely. I want to be surprised when I get into the theater!

  15. Rogin says:

    After, without a doubt. I know the story, I want to experience the changes, then read about them.

  16. Lukas says:

    I want it!

  17. Dustin Solmonson says:

    I would absolutely wait to read it! But then I would read it.. and read it.. and read it!!!

  18. Elli says:

    if i got it, i would definitely read it!!!

  19. Emelin says:

    I’m reading it at the moment!!

  20. Lauren says:

    After seeing the movie, for sure

  21. Dylan Hoang says:

    Definitely planning on reading it after but not before

  22. I don’t think I’ll read it before because I don’t want everything spoiled, but I’d definitely love reading it afterwards and learn more about the movieverse. It’d be the first time to have an ‘experience’ like that – I think it’d be pretty cool.

  23. Carlos Angelo says:

    Yes, I will read it before the movie, since the movie will start in my country only in December or January!

  24. Bruna Figueiroa says:

    If I happened to get my hands on this book before seeing the movie, I would probably open it and smell it and see it because i’m so curious.

  25. Fiona says:

    I think after the movie in case it has any spoilers!

  26. Theodore Bailey says:


  27. Cynthia Santillan says:


  28. Adam Leonandho says:

    I will read it before the movie hit theatres because I wanna know all the concepts they’ve made for this movie especially in the story development and the CGI 🙂

  29. Wendy Clare says:

    OF COURSE I’ll read it before the movie!! I’m addicted to spoilers! 😉 <

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