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Attention all Launchies! Looks like the next Battle School competition has begun and it’s to reveal the IMAX poster for Ender’s Game! Be sure to log in to help unlock it!

People who visit the International Fleet Battle School site (http://www.if-battleschool.com) can enlist by taking a Strategic Aptitude Test that determines their military strength & knowledge, and therefore, which army within the International Fleet they’re assigned to.  Users are provided a personalized ID badge representing their army.

The second battle has begun! Cadets must enter the Battle Room and login to their army to compete. SHARE your Army ID badge on Twitter to help your army reveal the official IMAX poster, and the winning army will have the honor of becoming a part of the poster!

The official IMAX poster will be unveiled on 10/2 on Fandango.com.

Go here now –> http://www.if-battleschool.com

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  1. Wendy Clare says:

    Done! Go Dragon Army! 😀 <

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