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Skyboat Media, the production company that has exclusively produced the unabridged audio versions of Orson Scott Card’s Enderverse novels and stories, has just announced that they will be producing ENDER’S GAME ALIVE, a full cast audioplay written by Orson Scott Card himself based on Ender’s Game, the novel that started it all. According to the producers,

Production begins mid-July here at Skyboat, and we will be updating [our] page with features from the production. The audioplay will be released in late October 2013, will have a cast of over 40 actors playing over 100 roles. The production will be originally scored with full sound effects. It will be directed by Gabrielle de Cuir and produced here at Skyboat by Stefan Rudnicki. All this brought to you by publisher Audible.com

Watch the author himself talk about this new project:

Check back here and watch the Skyboat site for updates!


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