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Sorry for the lateness of this one, but after a snag with my flight suit, I wanted to wait to do the video so that I could update it!

For this week I’ve got costume update, a really loud airplane, and some quick thoughts on the propaganda posters.

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  1. MajorAnderson says:

    4 pairs of shoes? Wow? I can see you need a specific pair for the costume, but otherwise … or are you wearing more costumes?

    When I go to conferences and stuff, I tend to bring one pair of shoes that go with the official outfits (like suits or nice pants and tunics, or even a dress), and one pair to walk around in when I go sightseeing. I’m similarly economic with clothes. I never wear the same shirt in the conference twice, but I totally wear a shirt and certainly pants again for just sightseeing …

    Also: I looove your “pissed off” face. So funny!

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