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In their interview with Moises Arias at the Despicable Me 2 premiere, DesdeHollywood asked Moises about his experience filming Ender’s Game. Here is what he had to say:

Reporter: How was it to work on Ender’s Game with Harrison Ford, a movie that will catapult you into stardom in the entire world?

Moises: Ahm, I hope that people will really see the variety of roles that I’m doing, and that they’ll start to see the different kinds of acting that I can do. I liked it a lot, and Ender’s Game gave me a big opportunity – to be an antagonist. Kings of Summer is a comedy and Ender’s Game is solely drama. There is a very big chance that if people like it it will be one of the biggest things in my career.

Many thanks to Fernanda (@franiahs on Twitter) for the translation!

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  1. Gustavo Maciel says:

    “Ender’s Game is solely drama.” Hey, that made me more hopeful about the film! Glad he didn’t say that Ender’s Game is a pure action flick 😀

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