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This post is just a reminder to folks that the Ender’s Game trailer will be making its theatrical debut with Star Trek Into Darkness. And while this can vary from theater to theater, it’s technically supposed to be there!

And a bit of interesting news to go with this reminder: Star Trek Into Darkness is now being released a full day early! Today when I bought my IMAX tickets, I went to double check the date of my tickets and found that they were for a Thursday show. At 7:15 pm.

I thought I was cracking up because I could have sworn it was coming out May 17. Plus, May 16 is a Thursday. I thought maybe Fandango had a glitch.

Turns out, Paramount really is releasing the movie a day early.

Recently, Paramount announced that the general, non-IMAX, release of Star Trek Into Darkness has actually been moved up to May 16. (The IMAX release remains at Wednesday, May 15, at 8pm.) Paramount’s Wednesday night IMAX showings were sold out and the studio wanted to give fans who couldn’t get tickets to the advance IMAX showings a chance to see it.

It’s a good thing I checked my tickets because it it would have sucked to show up with my family to a Friday show only to be told they were for the day before. So how about it launchies? Are you going to see Star Trek early? I’m keeping the trailer as  a surprise for my mom. She’ll seriously flip out and I’m looking forward to it! Hopefully I still have my arm when it’s over though, she might wrench it off in excitement…

Good luck getting the trailer! If you want to buy tickets online before you go, Fandango has a 20% off special right now off gift cards.

Source: Forbes

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  1. Jason says:

    I went and saw Star Trek: Into Darkness. I am a Star Trek fan, both of older shows as well as the reboot. But I did not really care for Star Trek for a number of reasons. But, this is an Ender’s Game post. I’ve seen the trailer a number of times on my computer. But it was a better experience in the movie theater. I could see more detail in the scenes. It was just awesome. I cannot wait for Nov. 1.

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