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At CinemaCon to accept the award for Female Star of Tomorrow, actress Hailee Steinfeld did a short Q&A with press to talk about Ender’s Game and Romeo and Juliet.

Hailee was first asked whether she’s a fan of sci-fi and she was quick to credit Ender’s Game for introducing her to the genre. “Since then I’ve really been a huge fan and I really love the whole extended world behind it.”

Although she hadn’t read Ender’s Game before she signed on, she had heard of the book. “I wasn’t at all familiar with it. I’d heard of the book, I hadn’t read it, so after I signed up to do the project I had read the first book and I’m so interested in taking the time to read all the others. There’s quite a few and if I had the time I would definitely read them all. I’m a huge fan of the series.”

She credits the fan following as one of the reasons she decided to take the role of Petra Arkanian. “Something that I really loved about this walking into it was that it did have such a huge fanbase that you’re being accepted in and we get to share this film with so many fans and so many people that love the book and I think that they’ll be really proud of it. I had such an incredible experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

I think the fans will love her as Petra and hopefully we do end up very proud of the film!

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