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Reports have been circulating that the trailer could be online as early as next week, but I confirmed with Summit that this is not the case. Since that confirmation was met with a lot of “Nooooo!” remarks, I decided it would be a good time to finally give away some of those I. F. buttons I teased on Twitter last week. As of right now, the only confirmed news is that the trailer will debut in theaters on May 17 with Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Also, just to note, I’ll draw the winners for the Posterpalooza soon!

To enter to win an IF pin, simply follow the instructions above. Post the image above on some a public social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, G+, MySpace) and then come back here and log all your entries into the Rafflecopter widget below. You must log your posts/shares here or you will not be in the pool of entries to win.

Unfortunately if you have your privacy settings set so that non-friends can’t see, you’ll have to use another medium to enter. You can have one entry for each different social medium. For those of you that don’t use any of them, simply comment below and tell me why you want the pin.

I have 3 pins to give away for this one and will continue to give them away as we get closer to November, so this won’t be your only chance to get one! Open worldwide and closes in a week!

Please note that these buttons are homemade and not official Ender’s Game merchandise.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Reuben Lack says:

    This is awesome! MUST HAVE EG SWAG.

  2. Nicole! says:

    These pins look so freaking cool!

  3. Ayana Tan says:

    Man, I’d like the pin so I could walk around and pretend I was from the school. Maybe it’d be good for cosplay.

  4. Joshua Harris says:

    Me like them pins

  5. Nick says:

    Who’s dream wasn’t it to be in Battle School for the International Fleet?

  6. Samantha Lagestee says:

    I want the pin because I LOVE ENDER’S GAME. So there’s that. And they’re pretty awesome. If I get the pin, I will put it on my backpack so that everyone can know how much I love Ender’s Game–if they don’t already know it already.

  7. Chipthestrange Zhao says:

    Because I am obsessed

  8. Lack says:

    Because International Fleet!

  9. EndersLot says:

    totally cool looking pin!

  10. Abigail M. says:

    Ahhhhhh! I’m very excited for this.

  11. Abigail M. says:

    If I win this pin I will feel so freaking official :DDD

  12. Yavonn Smart says:

    Because I like to wear pins and this one is cool.

  13. Jaeeun Kim says:

    I love Ender’s game and it is my favorite book. I normally don’t read but only this series.. and I never got any give aways…

  14. Qing-Jao ; Gloriously Bright says:

    Because Speaker For The Dead is one of the most beautiful books ever written. It is a story of space and philosophy that challenges the realm of possibility. I love Ender and Petra, Bean, Qing-Jao, Han Fei-Tzu, Val, Peter, the hive queen, and I love the pequenninis.

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