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Actress Abigail Breslin, whose new movie The Call is out in theaters this weekend, spoke to Collider about her career transitioning and spoke briefly about Ender’s Game. (Skip to 2:51 for the Ender’s Game part)

You have a number of projects coming out, I mean, Ender’s Game. Is it difficult to play a character that’s pre-existing from such a beloved book?

You know, it’s one of those things where you just have to do your best in how you see the character and hopefully people like it and I love Valentine. I love that character. And it was awesome when I was filming, I actually… I went to a guitar store in New Orleans and the people that worked there they were like, “Oh my God, you’re playing Valentine Wiggin, that’s like one of my favorite characters of all time!” and so a lot of people have been really really nice about it and very supportive so I’ve been lucky that they’ve all seemed really cool about it.

Source: Collider

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