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Here’s a first look at Tyler Shields’ movie ‘Final Girl’, which stars Abigail Breslin (Valentine Wiggin). It’s a trailer, yet not in a traditional sense.

Read the synopsis for the film below:

Loner Veronica is new to school, shy and vulnerable the perfect target for a group of teenage boys who lure girls into the woods to hunt and kill them for sport. It’s only after they get her alone that she turns the tables on them, escaping and revealing she’s armed and knows how to defend herself. Little do they know, Veronica is an assassin-in-training, and she’s chosen killing these boys as her final test. When the dust clears, Veronica will find out if she can be the final girl these boys ever have a chance to hurt.

Breslin plays the “final girl”, which is a horror term for the last girl that encounters the killer or killers of the movie and lives to tell the story.

Source: Yahoo!

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  1. Thomas Watson says:

    It was too serious in my taste of that kind of a movie

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