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Publisher Smart Pop Books will be releasing a book of essays next February and are now accepting questions for Orson Scott Card to include in a Q&A section of their book.

Alongside those essays, we’re putting together some Q&As with Orson Scott Card to add throughout the book. Why is the Battle Room a cube? Why did the military recruit their soldiers as children? How does the queen survive until Ender finds her?

Here’s your chance to get in on it: Card wants to give you the opportunity to ask him anything you’ve ever wondered about Ender’s Game!

To submit your question to Orson Scott Card, head over to the Smart Pop Books Tumblr! A Tumblr account is not required to comment.


  1. Brian Johnson says:

    How come you shut out any kind of relationship with Ender and his parents? It seemed to me that there should of been some kind of stronger bond. If I was a parent I would want to see my son, and not just send Val to talk to him. Or towards the end, after the war have him come home to earth for at least a week to say his goodbyes before making him an outcast. I thought the world or (Peter) owed him that much.

    • Nathan Neufeld says:

      When someone asks me about your writing the foremost detail that comes to mind is that your writing is some of the most believable futures I have read. This is so even though your futures are incredibly futuristic, other worldly, and sometimes even fantastical. I believe this is because of details that are imposed that only someone who think of if they were in that future themselves and also the deep and sensible explanations for the technologies and circumstances provided.
      The philote is an outstanding example, it is explained thoroughly and explains other futuristic and fantastical aspects in your novels. All of the aspects are woven together into a single realistic story, in a universe all things must weave together. An example of this is in Pathfinder where all the fantastical super powers are explained through a scientific phenomena based all and solely on the manipulation of time. Even though some seem to have little to do with it, they are explained throughly so that they are accepted into reality.
      I believe you said that some of your writings are based around philosophical and scientific theories which you thoroughly explored in your mind before writing of them, such as the philote. This shows; your writings seem as though you inquired after a expert for each subject even minorly introduced ones, from biology to physics to war and even to trapping. This deep knowledge of the subjects you write about make it seem as a recollection of events rather than a production of them.

      It was hoping my guesses and half pieced together theories on this aspect of your writing would intrigue you to elaborate on your techniques, processes, and mindsets you utilize to achieve the truly believable yet incredibly advanced and even fantastical future.

  2. Megan Grazman says:

    Why does Bean try so hard not to be noticed by Ender? Even if he was always compared to him, wouldn’t he be curious about why they were compared?

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