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Here’s a second clip from Ender’s Game showing Ender at Command School losing a lot of ships in a battle and then being reprimanded by Mazer. I guess we finally know why Ender was being glared at in that still!

Source: JoBlo


  1. Jason says:

    OMG WOW! I know that Asa can be expressive. I saw that in Hugo. So far a lot of Ender clips have shown Ender being more or less expressionless. It had me kinda worried. But just seeing his reaction to his ‘fleet’ being lost was pretty cool.

    • Wendy Clare says:

      Ditto! I know he has a great range, but we sure haven’t seen it much up until this clip, (plus the “I don’t want to play your game anymore” TV spot). I’m really hopeful he’ll knock it out of the park with this film and prove he’s more than just a pair of intense blue eyes. 😉 <

  2. MajorAnderson says:

    Awesome. Could this be where Ender reaches his limit after they worked him too hard? There is that scene in the book where he faints. Could this be a version of it? He doesn’t faint, but his knees buckle – as they would if he was standing up for hours on end.

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