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In this third clip from Ender’s Game, we get to see more of the ice battle, interspersed with a conversation between Graff and Anderson.

I found this one to be a little strange. Particularly, why are Anderson and Graff sitting next to each other, then suddenly in the next shot they’re sitting across each other? And why is Anderson at Command School when the calendar told us something else? Do you think they bring her there to evaluate his mental capacity to begin actual battles?

Remember, in the book Ender trains for a bit alone before the actual transition to real battles, so perhaps this is before that point. Thoughts?

This is also the first time we hear from Bernard! And looks like we now know that the big “NOW!” is from this battle, not the final battle!


  1. Jason says:

    You know I think this clip is composed of other clips. Not all of the clips are contiguous. I think that is why you see Anderson jumping around. Either that or bad editting. 🙁

  2. MajorAnderson says:

    I don’t think we’ll see this clip exactly as it is in the movie. I think that while the first two scenes with Graff and Anderson are actually from the same part of the movie, the last one is not. It’s not even in the same room as the other two. I think the last one may be from Battle School and thus earlier, but they needed a catchy line, so they put that here.

  3. Jake Raitzyk says:

    That last bit is, most definitely, from battle school. Think about it, it’s not likely that Anderson has seen other students at Command school battling with the buggers, so how could she say that she had never seen him do that? But she has seen plenty of battleroom fights.

  4. Wendy Clare says:

    Perhaps they’re watching a video playback, hence the darker lighting and different seating at the beginning of the clip? But I kind of agree with everyone that it’s actually a couple of different clips glued together. We’ll see soon enough! 😀 <

  5. Tyler Walton says:

    You gotta remember that major anderson orginally was a man in the book, also major anderson reilieved graff after the bonzo fight, the reason for that is that anderson was banking on bean as being the commander of the final fight. Also, major anderson was present at the final battle with the buggers, “remember, the enemy’s gate is down” that was bean’s line to ender to wake him up on the final exam. In the end, anderson was there at eros but he was there because of bean, not ender.

    • MajorAnderson says:

      While that is all true, I guess it doesn’t matter here because Bean’s storyline is basically absent. They have said a lot of times that Ender’s Shadow isn’t part of this movie. So within the confines of this movie, the Bean-logic wouldn’t make sense.
      Also, I don’t quite understand what Anderson’s gender has to do with anything. Would he not have relieved Graff or been banking on Bean if he had been a woman in the books?

      • Tyler Walton says:

        The fact that he changed the sex of one of the major characters says to me, more can be changed than we know. Who is to say that Anderson didn’t go to Eros with graff and ender? At the beginning of each chapter Anderson and graff talk with one another, who is to say that this particular exchange isn’t mirrored in the movie as well? There was never any timeline given for these exchanges. One would assume that these exchanges happened after the events of the previous chapters but no reference is ever really given.

        The bean storyline would have to remain intact if they ever plan to do those movies as well. There had been talk to film the bean storyline with ender’s game for a second movie but the budget wasn’t there. This says to me that they considered the things that play out in the bean storyline. Also because of ender’s shadow card was given the ability to shorten the movie significantly and was quoted to have elevated bean so it could be a “buddy movie” which is why we have the movie at all at this point according to the author himself in the audiobook commentaries in the shadow series. The things that are missing will probably be the achielle (sp) character, bean’s nemesis, sister charlotta and other shadow series specific characters. But the base premise that Anderson went to bat for bean after enders run with bonzo can’t be ignored because it did happen whether or not the movie covers it.

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