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There are still Comic Con videos trickling in. This one was posted recently by Entertainment Weekly. Watch Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld talk about Petra being the only girl, Graff being the “overbearing tyrant” of Battle School and their favorite thing to shoot. Also, Asa Butterfield speculates on when the Ender’s Game movie is actually set.

I’m not sure I believe the 50 year time frame. Maybe he means that that is when the first invasion occurs?

Thanks to asafarrbutterfield and ellassecretworld for posting this on Tumblr.

Source: EW’s Youtube Channel


  1. Kevin says:

    it actually sounds like he’s saying the invasion happens in 50 years and right after the IF decides the best way to fight them is with kids. Like without the 80 years in between.

    • MajorAnderson says:

      yeah, it does, doesn’t it. I mean, he could mean that the first invasion happens basically tomorrow, so then in 50 years we’ll have had 50 years of Battle School, but I doubt that. I think it more likely that he means that the whole story arc starts 50 years from now, i.e. in 50 years, the formics are gonna invade, and Mazer defeats them. Then, another 70 years later we have Battle School and Ender and so on .

  2. Wendy Clare says:

    Petra’s the only girl?? In the book, yes, but in the movie, clearly not, just based on the pics we’ve all seen. So I’m surprised that a) the interviewer pointed that out, and that b) Hailee didn’t correct him. Otherwise, an enjoyable snippet. 🙂

    • She probably said she’s the only girl because she’s the only jeesh at the end? All the other girls are extras, really, right?

      • Wendy Clare says:

        Well, yeah, of course the others are extras…but still, the statement only really makes sense in the context of the book, rather than the film. Not a big deal, though…I just be nit-pickin’ 😉

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