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Ho launchies! The first Battle School army challenge has begun!

Log in and share your Battle School badge to help your army unlock an exclusive new preview of the Ender’s Game trailer that was shown exclusively at Comic Con.


I’m not sure the rankings are accurate, as the first time I logged in, ASP was far in the lead and now it’s Dragon. Hopefully they’ll fix it and we see more accurate rankings! The army that has the most points by Monday 8/5 will unlock the exclusive preview of the trailer.

To compete, go to IF-BattleSchool.com.



  1. Wendy Clare says:

    Done! Dragon’s way in the lead, mwahaha! 😀 <

  2. Kevin says:

    Rat Army needs more people.. 😛

  3. William Harley says:

    I wonder if the army’s are at all equal… Dragon is so far in the lead its unreal… RAT WILL PREVAIL!!

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