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Here’s our video interview with producer Bob Orci and Gavin Hood outside the Ender’s Game Experience.

Gavin did talk to us a lot more about Ender and Bonzo after we’d turned off the camera, so Liz will have to help provide us some of those bits with the notes she took afterwards.

To provide some context on why this is so short, we weren’t even aware we’d be able to do this, so we had nothing to ask. We stood at the very end of the press line and they seemed anxious to leave, with their press people saying we could only talk to Gavin. So when our time came we had really only came up with two things to ask them since we didn’t want to be rude. However, they seemed more than happy to talk to us further, so Liz and I would like to thank them for that.

In the future I’ll definitely make sure to have lots of things to ask at the ready for emergencies such as these. 😉


  1. Elizabeth Spencer says:

    I can’t believe we got to talk to them that day – and I can’t believe I couldn’t come up with anything right on the spot! Excellent camera work, though, if I do say so myself… 😉

    • MajorAnderson says:

      I was saying this to Crystal: the camera work is awesome. Not only is it an beautifully crisp quality, which, I guess is more due to the camera, you are also really good at framing the people and not make hasty moves and stuff that I usually hate about amateur camera operators. It looks very professional. Have you done camera work before?

      • It was actually Liz running the camera. I was standing there holding the mic, that’s all!

      • Elizabeth Spencer says:

        Nope…But I really do think a lot of it was Crystal’s camera. I mean, it just kept everything steady, almost like it was on a tripod or something. Though, when you see my tripod video of the press conference, that may not make sense because it’s jerking around all over the place. It was frustrating to move it on the little stand. I like freehand better, and with this camera it was great!

  2. Elizabeth Spencer says:

    After the camera went off, and we thought the interview was over, Gavin turned back around and started talking to us more about the book-to-screen adaptation. And as worried as I have personally been about this film, he really made me feel that he is a true fan, and that he understands and wants to convey to the audience the soul of the book. He said something really important to me, which is that this movie is not going to be just about “spectacle,” but is going to focus on characters and relationships. He hopes that the fans will understand any plot changes they had to make to keep the heart of the story intact, and that his desire is to focus on Ender and his journey and internal struggles to define his character. It was great stuff, so naturally we have no documented evidence whatsoever. 😉

  3. MajorAnderson says:

    Awesome. I get a feeling that these two, being fans themselves (and I guess especially Gavin, since he usually does the gushing), actually like to talk about the film, and I guess more so to fans (like you) than to people who only do press coverage because they have to. Maybe that’s why they were so willing to talk to you?

  4. MajorAnderson says:

    Anything you can disclose about the Bonzo thing, Liz? I mean, not to ask for spoilers, but …

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