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In a recent interview with Moviefone (Asa and Hailee did one, too), Harrison Ford talks about Colonel Graff, how he compares to other character’s he’s played over the years, and the Hollywood studio system. The interview is pretty standard fare, but Harrison Ford is HILARIOUS!

My favorite part has to be this:

I wanted to switch gears a bit …
[Smiles] I thought you might.

[Laughs] It’s not exactly what you expect — at least I am hoping it’s not. It may start out like that but …
[Laughs] It won’t end up like that!

OK, but give me a chance!
Take your best shot.

Your earlier movies still make news today — “Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones,” etc. My question to you is…
[Harrison begins drumming on the coffee table in front of him]

[Laughs]… is there one movie of yours that you wish got more attention than those movies?
That I wish got more attention? No. Well, there were movies that I think were good movies that did not receive as much attention at the time. I don’t think I remember any… oh, the one that comes to mind is “Mosquito Coast,” which I think was a really good movie and perhaps didn’t receive as much attention as it might have.


Read the rest of the interview HERE!


Source: Moviefone



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