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Ender’s Game is out on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow and EnderWiggin.net is giving away two Blu-ray combo sets thanks to Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Entering is easy, all you do is read our review (you can skim it if you don’t want to read spoilers) and tell comment on this post telling us which deleted/extended scene you’re looking forward to the most. If you’d like an additional entry, you can tweet the following:

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  • Devin Sabas

    we need ender!

  • Devin Sabas
  • Tyson Cole

    Seeing the goodbye and the day to day battle school life fleshed out a little more will be pretty cool.

  • Flo

    Aww, the goodbye scene.

    And here’s my tweet:

  • Richard R. Harms


    I’m excited about all the added and extended scenes. While I loved the movie for it’s special effects I really missed some of the fine details they left out. I really think this will make it better and more enjoyable for everybody!

  • Bernie Wallace

    I would like to see the goodbye scene.

  • Bernie Wallace
  • Joshua Ford

    I was not able to see the movie in theatres. I am so looking forward to getting in on Blu-ray so I can see it all again and again.

  • Suzy Cohen

    Definitely looking forward to the New Recruit deleted scene. I remember reading the book and that scene stuck out for whatever odd reason.


  • EmptyAy

    I want to see both the “It’s for his own good” and “They should know” scenes – I really enjoyed their convos in the book and would have liked to see more in the movie. Also, I think I agree that the twist could have been spoiled to the viewer to make the ending more meaningful.


  • Yavonn Smart

    I really want to see the Say Goodbye scene, that part needed more for me to enjoy it!

  • Elli

    I am so excited to watch the movie and all of the featurettes over and over again!

  • Will Griesmer

    We Need Ender

  • CaliburnCY

    “Leadership” – Ender’s skill as a commander comes largely from how he relates to the other Battle School kids. The book has such a memorable cast of supporting characters, so any scene that further fleshes out one of those characters (Dink, in this case) is one I’d be particularly curious to see.

  • David

    New Recruit

  • Yarndemon

    Oh, “Say Goodbye.” I’m a sucker for emotional scenes, and in the book, at least, this was one of the best I’ve read. 😉

  • Jason Neuman

    Honestly I am looking greatly forward to seeing every deleted scene equally. I wish there were even more then what we are given but I am happy there are at least these. Maybe Gavin will be able to do a Directors Cut and stitch them all back together.

  • To be honest the deleted scene I really want to see is “Say Goodbye” i feel like they didn’t really show some of the Good things the book had and it wasn’t as emotional either. I also think it would be nice to see the scene with Peter since we didn’t really get to see much of his character as we should have

    • Hey Muriah! You’re the comment winner! Please look for my email!

      • Oh my gosh thank you so much! this really is just amazing thank you!

      • Thank you all so much I can’t even tell you how happy i am right now! thank you. I just wanted to know what i should do now? And thank you again. Please Dm me on my twitter account @muriah200 if i don’t respond here quickly

  • Wendy Clare

    I have no idea which deleted scene I’m more anxious to see; I’m so hungry for extra footage, it’s ridiculous. I’m looking forward to ALL of them. (Please don’t tell me I’m disqualified from the give-away just because I can’t pick one, lol!) 😛 <

  • Here is my tweet!

  • bill norris

    i just enjoy extras….so any

  • Cordelia Fitzgerald

    I’m so excited for this movie! I can’t wait to see ALL the deleted scenes but especially the Goodbye and New Recruit ones!!

  • Katherine Ivan

    I’m most looking forward to the “New Recruit” scene (although I guess what I’m really hoping for is an extended or director’s cut).

  • Brandon Ha

    Can’t wait to watch all the extra scenes for the lesser seen characters in the movie


  • Daniel M

    love extras so all of them!

  • Jessica Gutierrez

    After reading your review I am most excited to see the goodbye scene with Ender’s family. I think that would have been really important to the movie since we hardly had a chance to experience the true relationship Ender has with them. The “I love you forever” would really break my heart.

  • Ian Ringering

    i want to see the featurette about Enders World

  • Leo Medjitov

    I think, the “They Should Know” extended scene is going to be the most exciting for me. Especially since we didn’t get much interaction between Graff and Mazer in the roiginal cut.

  • Ronald Oliver

    I’m looking forward to seeing all the deleted and extended scenes! I have no one favorite…they’re all going to be great!

  • Natalie Reinholtz

    I can’t wait to see all of them!

  • Harrison Martin

    I am very excited for the “Its for his own good scene” because I think all the Graff- Anderson dialogue really added to the story. It showed the moral struggles they were having with all the things they put Ender through. It also develops Graff more as a character, and I know Harrison Ford can pull it off.

  • T Haq

    I’m looking forward to the “Say Goodbye” scene. It was truly unfortunate that Ender’s family was nearly irrelevant in the movie.


  • Jonathan Griffiths II

    I’m looking forward to the They Should Know scene! I always loved that part of the books.

  • Austin Baroudi

    I’m looking forward to the A New Recruit scene.



  • Yavonn Smart

    When will we find out who won? I’m excited to hear 🙂

  • kw

    The “They Should Know” scene

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