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Case Study: Ender’s Game from Light Iron on Vimeo.


Post production company Light Iron has released a video demonstrating how they organize the postproduction workflow of Hollywood movies, using Ender’s Game as an example. The video focuses on digitalization and color manipulation, but includes general info on other parts of production and post production (such as the filming venue, cameras, audio storage etc.) as well. It’s longish and you certainly need to know quite a bit about movie technology to understand it all but the vid offers a few new behind-the-scenes images, hi-res versions of some scenes only seen in the movie so far, and a good insight into the creation of the beautiful look and color scheme of the movie. The Ender’s Game part starts around the 3.10 minute mark.

Source: Light Iron on Vimeo, via PVC News

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  1. Wendy Clare says:

    Wow…most of that was Greek to me, but I loved the section from 13:42 on talking about the specific color palettes and their connection to the elements of the story. Fantastic! (Hearing the whole thing accompanied by the soundtrack is great, too!) 😀 <

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