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During their promotion of Ender’s Game in London in the beginning of October, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Harrison Ford, Sir Ben Kingsley, Gavin Hood and Bob Orci visited Film Club kids at Westminster Academy to talk about making movies. FilmClubUK just released a vid from the event.

Source: FilmClubUK’s Youtube (thanks to Tumblr user toothle55 for pointing it out)


  1. Wendy Clare says:

    Wow…I was very impressed with the students’ questions–far more intelligent than most professional interviewers! I’ll bet Gavin & Co. really enjoyed this visit. Great video! 😀 <

    • Jason says:

      Yes.. before I read your comment I was thinking the exact same thing. So much better than the repetitive, cookie cutter type of questions you hear so many other websites and TV anchors ask.

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