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Last night, Hailee Steinfeld (Petra) was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and after talking to Jimmy about learning how to drive in LA and her Halloween costume, presented a new clip of Petra offering to teach Ender some moves in the Battle Room.

Thanks to Hannah for the tip. Watch it on Hulu HERE.

Source: NBC

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  • Fiona

    Looks incredible! I’m glad we finally get to see some more of Petra

  • Olga

    ahhhh can you show us a screencaps pleaseee? I can’t watch this because I’m live in another country

  • Jason

    It is impressive. Every clip I have seen has matched my expectations. There is quality acting, quality scenes, quality visuals, quality audio. I have been reading online that EG is expected to have a $20 million opening weekend, citing it as ‘poor’ since the movie cost ~$100 million to make. But, here is what I think. I think fans of the book are going to see it in droves (despite some objections). After they see it, they’ll encourage others to see it. So perhaps there might be a $20 million opening weekend, I think it’ll remain that way for a long time; surpassing the cost of the film. Versus movies that make $100 million the first weekend, but quickly die off in the weeks that follow. What does worry me is also this: does the average movie goer appreciate a quality film with deeper themes? I really do not know.

    • tami

      true true, i’m reading the book and i’m almost done, i’m reading so i CAN appreciate the deep theme, and i’m glad that i chose to because i know what a launchie is i know about the Giant, Bonzo, Bean i know all of this i know why they’re the way they are. it really helps :)

  • Bruna Figueiroa

    For anyone who is not able to see the video here,it can be see in the late night website, yes, including no us residents

    • Anonimous

      Sorry can you please put the link? I can’t find it :)

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