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As you remember, some of the cast and crew of Ender’s Game did a press tour through Europe earlier this month. While in London, they gave a number of interviews, some of which have now surfaced online. Since they all have the same sort of setup, it can be quite confusing and hard to tell which interview is which just by looking at it, so here is a comprehensive list of all London press junket interview vids I could find. Enjoy!

1. Joe Michalczuk for Sky News Entertainment

Joe basically asks all interviewees very similar questions, so the real treat here is how much they sometimes differ in their answers. Asa, Hailee, Harrison and Bob, Sir Ben and Gavin talk about

  • Ender’s Game being an independent movie
  • the book, the script, and the movie
  • the potential of SciFi and the themes of the movie
  • working with the greats/being greats working with kids
  • sequels

Watch the other interviewees here:

Hailee Steinfeld…………Harrison Ford and Bob Orci…………Sir Ben Kingsley

2. Rory Cashin for Entertainment.ie

Now, these are probably the best ones of the lot. The Interviewer asks interesting and insightful questions and you can actually tell that the interviewees enjoy not having to talk about the same things over and over again for once. Unfortunately, these are not on Youtube, and there is no embed code available on the site. So you’ll just have to do with links!

  • Asa and Hailee on their chemistry, reading the source material when doing adaptations, physical challenges and Harrison Ford: HERE
  • Harrison and Bob on the book, SciFi, Harrison returning to space, models for Graff, the younger actors and upcoming projects: HERE
  • Sir Ben on what attracted him to the role, parallels between the story and the shooting experience, Asa, and telling stories: HERE
  • Gavin on his history with the novel, Graff vs. Anderson, challenges of adaptation, and how he works with different actors: HERE

3. James Kleinmann for HeyUGuysUK and NerdyUK

These are run-of-the-mill interviews with some interesting tidbits. Gavin Hood, for instance, talks about why he decided to play the Giant in the Ender’s Game video game sequences.

Here is the rest:

  • Asa and Hailee on their characters and their relationship, the pressure of playing an iconic lead character, and what’s special about the movie: HERE
  • Bob and Harrison on the book, what attracted Harrison, casting Ender, Asa, and their hopes for the movie: HERE
  • Sir Ben on what he likes about the book, lead vs. supporting roles, and wearing the tattoo: HERE

4. The Showbiz 411

So far, they have only published their interview with Hailee and Asa. It’s refreshingly light-hearted and probably geared towards younger viewers. The two young stars talk about hitting it off right away, space camp, boot camp, fun on set, tight flash suits and their ideal planet.

5. Cel Spellman, CBBC Friday Download

And last but not least, the most fun video of them all. Kiddy program “Friday Download” (CBBC) presenter Cel not only interviewed Asa, Hailee, Sir Ben, Bob and Harrison, he also challenged them to a match of Rock-Paper-Scissors. The whole thing is hilarious!

Note: It’s out of sync, so if that bothers you, just download it and play it with an audio delay of 2,1 seconds in VLC or Windows Media Player. Thanks to Tumblr users ceolwaerc and toothle55 for making it available.

Sources: Youtube, Youku, Entertainment.ie

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