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Only 11 day to go, Launchies! Today we’ve got a pretty cool prize thanks to the nice folks over at Smart Pop Books: a copy of Ender’s World autographed by Ender’s Game author Orson Scott Card.

Ender's World

This giveaway is open worldwide and includes some Ender’s World pins as well.

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For today’s comment, tell us which of the original Ender Quartet is your favorite book: Ender’s Game, Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, or Children of the Mind?

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  • Erin Poulin

    I’ve only read Ender’s Game so far.

  • Annie Fink

    I loved Children of the Mind, it was great! But Ender’s Game is the classic…

  • Theodore Bailey

    Speaker for the Dead

  • Kaye

    Ender’s Game

  • CountrynCrafty

    Xenocide is my favorite, it shows Ender’s humanity

  • Casey Pitchfork


  • Fiona

    Ender’s Game :)

  • Natalie Reinholtz

    Ender’s Game, but the other ones are great

  • Suzy Cohen

    Speaker for the Dead, definitely

  • Emelin

    I gotta say Ender’s Game is my favorite, but I love the other ones too!!

  • Epicdan

    Xenocide for sure.

  • E. Nelson

    Ender’s Game so far. I’ve read it several times and I’m in the middle of Speaker which is also turning into a great book!

  • Jay

    I bought both the box sets of the ‘Shadow series’ and the ‘Ender Quartet’ set, about four months ago and have read only Ender’s Game and Ender’s shadow so far. So i’ll go with Ender’s game.

  • Claudia Nava

    They’re all great, but Ender’s Game is the best c:

  • Locke64

    Speaker for the Dead

  • Man in Tan Jacket

    Probably Ender’s Game, since it was what introduced me to the whole universe,,

  • Carlos Angelo

    No doubt Ender’s Game is my fave!

    Ender’s Game
    Ender’s Game

  • Elli

    ender’s game or children of the mind….both left me wanting more and more!

  • Rogin

    Speaker for the Dead

  • FG

    Ender’s Game is has to be my fav. But Xenocide takes second place for sure.

  • Kylie Wofford

    Ender’s Game!

  • JimmyT

    Ender’s Game

  • Lauren

    While I loved all the books, Ender’s Game will always be my favourite

  • Yavonn Smart

    I love Ender’s Shadow but I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much without reading Ender’s Game first so I will have to keep that as my favorite because it sets the stage so well for the whole series

  • Alex Jackson

    I loved Ender’s Game and most of the others as well.

  • Petra

    Every book in the series was amazing, but my favorites were Ender’s Shadow and Shadow’s In Flight. When I finished Shadow’s in Flight, I couldn’t stop crying. “And then he did. And then he died.”

  • John Smyth

    My favorite is Ender’s Game, because it paves the way for the later books.

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