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Ho, Launchies! Sorry I forgot to post this one yesterday, but it was just so crazy! For Day 16, we’ve got some Ender’s Game keychains to give away. These keychains are homemade by me, just like the ones I gave away at Comic Con. I use a Dragon Army one on my own keys! We’re giving out two of these today. (for yesterday)

This giveaway is open to the US only.

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For today’s comment, simply tell me what you hope to see in the next TV spot.

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  1. Christin VanNorman says:

    Can’t wait to see this in IMAX!! A Keychain would be amazing !!

  2. Christin VanNorman says:

    I hope the next TV spot shows more of the other kids in battle school, we haven’t seen much of them interacting with Ender yet when they help shape him

  3. Doug las says:

    More command school simulations!

  4. Emelin says:

    They should just release the whole movie already! lol

  5. Fiona says:

    BEAN!!!!!! I want to see more of Ender’s Jeesh!

  6. Suzy Cohen says:

    I do want to see the rest of the Battle School kids

  7. Yavonn Smart says:

    I don’t get tv so what I want to see YOU show next is more of the kids…like maybe the army heading into practice or something

  8. Martin says:

    I want to see more of Harrison Ford! Just any scene with Ender and Graff would be more than satisfying for me.

  9. Elli says:

    i wish i could watch it…but we don’t have that channel 🙁

  10. Theodore Bailey says:

    We don’t get the channel. Aww.

  11. Locke64 says:

    The kids… there’s been too much of Graff, Anderson, and Rackham. I want to see Peter, Bonzo, and Bean.

  12. Natalie Reinholtz says:

    Maybe some more of Petra and the rest of some of the kids

  13. Wendy Clare says:

    I’d love to see more of the relational moments between the kids, both negative (playing up the bullying aspects) and positive (showing the love and loyalty the kids have for Ender). And perhaps a glimpse of one of the fight scenes (Ender/Stimpson, Ender/Bonzo, Ender/Mazer)?? 🙂 <

  14. Jason says:

    Well, I think the clips and trailers to date have done a pretty good job of keeping the story still completely untold. They have also done very well to hide almost every other kid around Ender. I would still prefer to keep the kids a secret, but maybe show more of Ender and less of Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, etc…

  15. Dylan Hoang says:

    I hope to see a shot of Bean or more shots of the battle room

  16. Man in Tan Jacket says:

    more stuff concerning val and peter??? ? (but the whole premise of the film given by the ender’s game trailers and stuff are more centered around battle school etc ‘cos like adding stuff about family and little kids to advertisements for a sci-fi film might like drive away a demographic (ie people who haven’t read the book and have just heard that this is a cool action story yh))

  17. Elli says:

    i want to see more stuff about command school and ender’s jeesh

  18. Elli says:

    i want to see more stuff about command school and ender’s jeesh

  19. Lauren says:

    I really want to see Dragon army or something concerning Bonzo. I’m tired of only seeing adults in the trailers, I’d love to see some footage of the kids!

  20. Alex Jackson says:

    I want to see more of everything really, but more specifically the game Ender plays (Won’t say more, just in case).

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