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We’re on Day 11 of the Countdown to NovEnder and today we’re giving away a Comic Con bag! But why are we calling it the “Ender’s Game Bag of Doom”? Because this thing is huge. It’s so big than I can fit both my kids in it!


I remember first seeing this image and thinking, cooool! A tote! And then you see this thing at Comic Con and you’re just like whaaat? It’s pretty sweet though!

Today’s giveaway is open worldwide.

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You MUST leave an email address that you check frequently so that you can claim your prize within 72 hours. Please DO NOT comment with your email address in your comment.

For today’s contest, comment and tell us what you could possibly use this monstrous(ly cool) bag for!

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  1. Dylan Hoang says:

    I’d use this bag for college. Much cooler than the backpack I’m using now haha

  2. Natalie Reinholtz says:

    I’d probably use it in school

  3. Olivia Salvador says:


  4. Katey Groves says:

    I could use it to carry around the surplus of books I’m always reading!

  5. Bruna Figueiroa says:

    after I saw the huge size of this bag the only thing i could think was to give it to my mom because every year we travel by car and she has huge bags to put some clothes on. how cool would be to travel with a ender’s game bag?

  6. Yavonn Smart says:

    Everything! I use my current bags for groceries, library books, and hauling stuff to 4-H meetings.

  7. Carlos Angelo says:

    I would just carry it up and down, even empty!

  8. Fiona says:

    for school, sleepovers, trips, anything really!

  9. Kylie Wofford says:

    Overnight bag or beach bag!

  10. Lauren says:

    I’d definitely use this bag for everything.. like, I’d carry things around that I totally don’t need just as an excuse to use this bag

  11. Rogin says:

    To carry around my awesome flash suit when I’m not wearing it.

  12. Claudia Nava says:

    Everything! 🙂

  13. Elli says:

    i would carry it around with me and show it off to people who wouldn’t get it

  14. Alison says:

    The better question is what wouldn’t I use it for.

  15. Theodore Bailey says:

    College so that I could show it off.

  16. Emelin says:

    I’ll find a way to use it for everything!

  17. Cynthia Santillan says:

    Carrying just one bag of random stuff to work- instead of three smaller ones!

  18. Wendy Clare says:

    Taking my music to symphony rehearsals! 😀 <

  19. Adam Leonandho says:

    Use it for school and some courses, put anything I want to bring there, I will show some of my friends there about Ender’s Game 🙂

  20. Annie Fink says:

    I would use this bag to hold life.

  21. Kaye says:

    Looks awesome!!

  22. Alex Jackson says:

    It would be the only bag I would use in my life…that’s how awesome it it.

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