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As promised, here is Harrison Ford talking about Ender’s Game on Wetten Dass …? last night in Bremen. He is pretty hard to understand due to the tranlsator’s voice being much louder than his own, so there’s a transcript below the vid. Enjoy!


Host: A young boy is asked to save the world. What is the general idea behind this?
Ford: He does save the world. This takes place in the future. Obviously it’s a kind of science fiction, but I think unlike the kind of science fiction you see, you’ve seen before, it has real heart and emotion. It’s, I think, a very powerful story about a young man who learns leadership, the challenges of leadership. I play the man who’s responsible for training him. It proposes that in the future, there is a world government and we have a combined military force, the International Fleet. And we have been invaded once before by an alien life form that you got a brief glimpse of there [in the CLIP they aired before] and suffered real damage from this alien life form, and we know they are coming again. And the proposition is that young people really integrate complex data more quickly than adults. So the soldiers, or warriors, of this period are fighting with drone warfare. The book, which is 28 years old, and this is a bestseller, predicted the internet, predicted touch screen technology, predicted drone warfare. And all of that has come true, and its a … the story is very compelling.
Host: A very interesting story, of which we shouldn’t give away too much, and a very visionary book this film is based on. The movie will have its great opening in Germany on October 24th.

I had hoped for a bit more information concerning the production of the movie, his co-stars etc., but I guess between having him talk about Indiana Jones and his planes and having him bet on whether a guy could throw five eggs over a beer tent and catch them on the other side with a frying pan, there just wasn’t enough time to talk about this movie some more. Meh. Still, it’s something, and we got an awesome clip with that.

Source: ZDFneo

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