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MTV has just released 5 new Ender’s Game stills including Ender in his final battle (with Alai, Petra, and Bean!) and the teachers behind him. See all five images below!

They’ve also included bits and pieces of storyline for us to obsess over.

In his new post with the Salamander Army, Ender meets Petra (Hailee Steinfeld), one of the only girl enlistees. The two begin training together, with Petra serving as a sort of mentor to young Ender. Later, when Ender is given his own command over Dragon Army (which it appears we see here), Petra is among his troops, and he relies heavily on her expertise in the computer-simulated exercises meant to replicate war against the Buggers.

Thanks to Ender News for the tip!


  1. Wendy Clare says:

    These are awesome!! Best pictures we’ve seen in a while! Sooo excited!!!! πŸ˜€

    • Wendy Clare says:

      I’m curious about the first one…how does Ender have two pistols when he only has one holster (and I’ve only ever seen him with one holster, yet I remember an earlier interview where he was referring to a shot in the teaser trailer of him spinning, letting go of his flash guns, then catching them again). Just a little detail; it’s LESS THAN A MONTH before our questions are all answered!! πŸ˜€ <

  2. Jay says:

    Really digging their training suits.

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