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Today is October 1st, which means we’re now officially only 31 days from November 1st and the release of Ender’s Game in the United States. To celebrate this momentous occasion, EnderWiggin.net is kicking off a massive series of contests and giveaways: one a day until the release of Ender’s Game with October 31st showcasing a massive prize pack that will make you the envy of any Ender’s Game fan!

Not all of these giveaways will be open worldwide, so please read the rules carefully each day!

Today’s giveaway is for a custom name badge just like the one I wore at Comic Con, sponsored by the lovely ladies of AlphaEngravers on Etsy. This badge will make the perfect accent for your Ender’s Game Battle School or Command School costume!


For comparison, here’s a look at what they look like in the movie:


The tags in the film have debossed Braille and the awesome folks at AlphaEngravers say they should be able to deboss the Braille. My tag is simply embossed because I didn’t know any better.

Today’s giveaway is open worldwide. Some restrictions may apply in regards to # of characters allowed.

How to Enter

Each day, check the Rafflecopter widget for the various ways you can enter and make sure you are eligible. After you complete each task, you must log in your entry in the widget or it will not count. We’ve put in a wide variety of methods for you to enter and for some you can enter once every day of the giveaway.

You MUST leave an email address that you check frequently so that you can claim your prize within 72 hours. Please DO NOT comment with your email address in your comment.

To enter today’s giveaway, comment below and tell us what army you’d make your costume for! Is it Dragon? Salamander? Asp? There’s also Rat, Phoenix, Leopard, Condor, and Centipede!

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  1. Bruna Figueiroa says:

    I tried to send a comment but i think it just sent something blank?

  2. Suzy Cohen says:

    I’d do dragon Army if I’d dress up with it, how could you not?

  3. Annie Fink says:

    Dragon Army all the way! That’s actually what I was for comic con!

  4. Kate Costello says:

    I would have to say Dragon. I mean, along with Ender himself, there are bunch of really great characters that contributed to it’s awesomeness– Bean, Hot Soup, and Fly Molo for example. Also, you’ve got to agree that they all have pretty awesome names. 😉

  5. Fiona says:

    Definitely Dragon Army 😉

  6. FG says:

    without a doubt it would have to be Dragon Army. Its full of my favorite characters and Ender took an Army that was shut down for never winning and brought it glory! – green_light_haro@yahoo.com

  7. Alex Jackson says:

    I would definitely go Dragon, because everyone naturally wants to be apart of a team which would win. Either that or Asp or Phoenix, because they are cool.

  8. Jay says:

    Dragon Army forever. :))

  9. Austin Levi Rosenbaum says:

    Salamander.. Before I’m rediculed for this, hear me out. Ender was nothing without Petra’s help when he was in Salamander… I would out-command Bonzo any day of the week! Plus, Green brown green… My favorite colors 🙂

  10. Natalie Reinholtz says:

    As of now I’m thinking Dragon, but Salamander would be pretty cool

  11. Wendy Clare says:

    Either Phoenix or Dragon. Just cuz they’re cool mythical critters, and you can’t beat their commanders for awesomesauce. 😀 <

    • Wendy Clare says:

      (Um…how do I leave my email? If I’m logged in to make comments, do you automatically have access to it? I’m a techno-idiot, so pardon me if this is a stupid question, lol).

  12. Val says:

    Dragon, or maybe Phoenix as it’s also a wonderful city!

  13. Yavonn Smart says:

    I’d love a Rat costume, not really my favorite army but my favorite logo 🙂

  14. Kevin says:

    i’d have to make a Dragon army costume, but i’d also want a Rat army one too…

  15. Katey Groves says:

    I’d be honoured to be in Dragon Army, so I would definitely make it a Dragon Army costume!

  16. Alison says:

    I would do either Dragon or Phoenix, just because Phoenix looks cool.

  17. Man in Tan Jacket says:

    dragon army would be cool as heck omg

  18. Kylie Wofford says:

    I’ve already made my Dragon Army costume!

  19. Dustin Solmonson says:

    Mine is in the works!! A nametag would be a great addition! 🙂

  20. De'Lonna Day says:

    Dragon Army, all day baby.

  21. Doug las says:

    Dragon, of course!

  22. JimmyT says:

    Definitely Dragon!

  23. Claudia Nava says:

    Dragon! 🙂

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