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Ender’s Game director Gavin Hood has not been shy in voicing his disappointment in Orson Scott Card’s controversial views on gay marriage and continued to speak out on the issue when talking with SFX Magazine a few weeks ago.

“I said this is going to be a debate, and debate is good. The truth is that if we hadn’t made the movie we wouldn’t be having this discussion, and in some ways, in a twisted way I actually welcome the opportunity to express my views which appear to be the polar opposite to his. But the movie is not about the crazy things that Orson is saying. It’s about the nature of man in terms of his capacity for violence and compassion, and questioning this merging of game and reality in drone warfare. All of those themes for me remain extremely powerful despite the views on gay marriage that Orson has, with which I strongly disagree.”

This article can be found online at SFX.com and the above image is a preview of their full article on Ender’s Game that appears in SFX issue #240 (look for Thor on the cover!)

Source: SFX.com via Ender News

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  1. Boothby171 says:

    Part of the discussion is the Razoo website “EndersGameFans4Equality”, where you can make a statement and show positive support for the causes you support:


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