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Constantin Film has released their second highlights video “Rules of the Game” from Gamescom. With Dee on vacation, we’ve got a partial translation, thanks to my friend Carla!

UPDATE: We now have a full translation from Dee!

Episode 2: Rules of the Game

What happened so far: 12 female commanders of the International Fleet are looking for the chosen fighter at Gamescom. In cooperation with KEF we have built a gigantic laser tag arena. Here we test the abilties of potential heroes to secure peace for the entire world. AFter you have registered yourself and your team for the laser tag game, you receive a fastlane pass, which will shorten the time you will have to wait in line enormously. One of our commanders will soon take care of you and will prepare you and your team for the Great Game. Each fighter receives an Ender’s Game uniform and a lasertag (gun). The goal is to mark the enemy team with as many laser tags as possible over the course of five minutes. As soon as you are ready for your great moment, the gates to the Ender’s Game laser tag arena will open. Ender’s Game. From October 24 in cinemas.


  1. Jason says:

    The booth babes are a little much. But what do you expect from a computer game conference. It is interesting to see how much interest in the movie there is overseas. And the laser tag exhibit was quite grand, showing how much support that exists for the film. I’m getting more and more excited by the day. And there are only 69 days left. Woohoo!

  2. Kevin says:

    October 24th in cinemas?

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