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As we’ve been reporting, Constantin has been holding an Ender’s Game laser tag event at Gamescom this week and it sounds like they also used this as a chance to debut the German version of the Ender’s Game trailer, which can be viewed below thanks to FilmStarts.de.

Also, my friend and old ZAM boss is attending Gamescom and I had asked him to snap me a few photos of the arena, which you can view below. Thanks Ryan!


  1. MajorAnderson says:

    Ok, listened to it a couple of times, and I’m officially not a fan. Graff is way too calm. Ender is basically emotionless – sounds a little bit like he is reading an audiobook. And while I understand the need to change dialog a bit to make it fit with the lip movements, I hate it when they change the meaning.
    Like in this exchange:

    Mazer: Er ist nicht bereit. (He is not ready.)
    Graff: Das ist man nie. Hauptsache man FÜHLT sich bereit. (You never are. What’s important is that you FEEL ready.) – in English: You’re never ready. You go when you’re ready enough.

    Like, Ender never feels ready. He just does what he’s told, but he never even asks himself the question of whether or not he’s ready. So why would Graff assume that now is the time because Ender FEELS ready. Ugh.

    But at least the second trailer is out, and most Germans are used to dubbed versions. Maybe they won’t notice.

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