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More Comic Con videos! Watch Asa talk to Popsugar about the “coolest stuff to film,” training for the battle room, the characters’ ages, and being intimidated by Harrison Ford!

Source: Popsugar

  • Jay

    Nice interview, he doesn’t talk much in most of his interviews.

    • MajorAnderson

      He doesn’t, and often it seems that once he thinks of a good phrase to answer a particular question, he sticks with it. Although, I once saw an interview with him (about Hugo) where they tried to not ask the usual questions, but asked about video games and music and stuff instead, and he really seemed a lot more talkative then. Normal teenager, I’d say.

      • Jay

        Haha Yes! he does shows a lot of enthusiasm about the regular stuff on his twitter account. Regardless, he’s a great actor.

        • MajorAnderson

          Totally. Already noticed him when he was on Merlin. Keeping my fingers crossed that the Artemis Fowl people are aware of him.

          • Jay

            I haven’t seen the later seasons of Merlin. But, i loved his work in Hugo and the boy in striped pajamas.

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