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Since I cover The Hunger Games, I end up watching a lot of videos of MTV’s Josh Horowitz, who is a fantastically hilarious nerd. When I heard he’d done an interview with Harrison Ford I knew immediately it would be good, but I had no idea it would be 20 minutes long. Watch the entire hysterically funny video of Josh interviewing Harrison Ford and Bob Orci of Ender’s Game below. It’s got weird things called telephones, nerd quizzes, and Harrison’s thoughts on the con.

In case the video above doesn’t work, HERE is a write-up of it by Josh Horowitz. It lacks most of the giggling, but the content is there.
Source: MTV

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  1. MajorAnderson says:

    Poor Harrison Ford, having to deal with Josh, the giggling schoolkid. I get why he wants the nerds as far away from his house as possible, if this is what they do to him.
    I’m happy that this is finally available internationally. (When it was live, it was US only.) Josh did an interview with Asa (and Hailee?), too. Did you find that anywhere?

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