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Greetings Enderites!

If you, like me, had to miss out on Comic Con, here comes the podcast that will make you regret it not quite so much: Episode 22 – Launchies in Line. In the first part of the podcast, Crystal from EnderWiggin.net and Kelly from Ender News are waiting in line in front of Hall H to experience the Ender’s Game panel on Thursday, July 18, where they are joined by EnderNews staffer Aidan and long term devoted fan Hannah!  In the second part of the podcast, Crystal and Kelly recap the Thursday panel, among other things.

Topics include:

  • loads of talk about camping, waiting, and the Hall H line
  • expectations of the Ender’s Game panel
  • the Ender’s Game Exclusive Fan Experience
  • the Hall H panel and the new trailer
  • the Comic Con experience in general

Listen to the episode HERE!

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