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Since it’s been a pretty slow couple of days, I decided to stalk the Ender’s Game cast’s twitter and facebook accounts in the hopes of turning up some interesting tidbits. And guess what, the kids have been BUSY! Well, all except Asa Butterfield, who has apparently decided to spend the next week or so in front of his computer.


He did, however, hang out with Suraj Partha only a couple of days ago, when Suraj visited London on his trip to Europe. Hailee Steinfeld, on the other hand, stayed in the States to spend some days in Hollywood being honored by Max Mara.  And Moises Arias just returned from a week of roughin’ it in Cabo San Lucas.



Jimmy Pinchak was in New Jersey yesterday visiting Jenkinson’s Boardwalk. Meanwhile, Aramis Knight has been busy planning to participate in the “One Child At A Time”-Celebrity Basketball match coming up on June 23.





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