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AOL has posted a 30 minute interview with Moises Arias in which he talks briefly about Ender’s Game and Bonzo.

Right before this film, I was doing Ender’s Game and they shaved my head on the last day of shooting, which led to that weird haircut in the film [Kings of Summer] and previously the director was like, “Don’t cut it before you come to set.” and I showed up with that in between stage of it actually growing out and it just being buzz cut and it ended up working. I look very sexy.

So while it’s a small little tidbit, it is interesting that they’d shave his head on the last day of filming. It would mean that he’s got a full head of hair (which we’ve seen in set pictures) for basically the whole movie and then for whatever reason, they suddenly wanted him to have a buzz cut.

What do you guys think this could mean? Does Bonzo shave his head because Ender drives him over the edge? Does he do it just before his fight with Ender? Or does the Battle School do it after the fight as a result of the fight?

Moises also talks about his career and about how grateful he is to his parents and family for the support they’ve always given him in pursuing his dreams. He then talks to two fans about the evolution of his career.

Source: AOL

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