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Moises Arias went to the Young Hollywood studio to talk about his upcoming projects and being called a young Dustin Hoffman. When the conversation switched to Ender’s Game, he said to expect “the doucheyest character ever” (yeah, I have no idea how to spell that either) and that there’s not one ounce of nice in Bonzo. He also mentions again how all the extras were scared of him on set.

Source: Young Hollywood


  1. Wendy Clare says:

    Great interview…I know he’s not quite what we all pictured, but I think he’s gonna pull it off. The extras being scared of him is a good sign, methinks. 😉

    • Agreed! I do want to see footage of him already though!!

      • first_fanette says:

        Me too, because while I want to be supportive, I really can’t see it just yet. Especially now that I’ve heard him talk and he has this slight quiver in his voice, as if he’s really nervous. I imagined Bonzo to be not just tall and extremely pretty, which I can totally do without, but also sort of grand in the way he talks and moves, with a strong, clear, confident voice that doesn’t allow for dissent.

        • Wendy Clare says:

          Moises is a very versatile actor, and between the timbre of his voice, plus the absolute intensity of his eyes, there’s a lot he can do to “become” Bonzo in character. I’m not too worried.

        • For me, I have a hard time because I’ve only ever seen him in Disney shows and movies and he’s SUCH a goofball. I’ve never seen him do serious! lol

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