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RedCarpetNewsTV spoke with Sir Ben Kingsley last week and chatted a bit about Ender’s Game and working with Gavin Hood. Here’s a transcript as well:

Ender’s Game is a project that fans are so excited about. What can fans expect from the film adaptation of that? Of course you play a major part.

I’ve only seen some tiny clips of it, but I loved working with the director and I think it’s going to be an absolutely spectacular film. Beautiful.

Working with Asa again, an astonishing young talent. What makes him such a promising young star?

Intelligence and application and a well-brought up boy. He has a lovely mother.

Harrison Ford as well, the cast is littered with greats. What’s it like working with him?

He’s a delight, we got along really well. Yeah. Really well.

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  1. Wendy Clare says:

    Class act! For someone who’s such a Big Name, it’s wonderful to see his enthusiasm and genuine appreciation of those he works with. 🙂 <

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