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With the teaser trailer less than 2 days away, the official Ender’s Game marketing team has been pushing out some really cool collages and digital manips of the imagery so far. Today’s image was a collage of the Battle Room and Ender:



In the middle photo, there are computer screen words. Here’s the image slightly enlarged:


Dragon Army
Leader: Ender Wiggin
Squad No: 416
Crew:// 15

Now, since these are just promotional images, I have no idea if they actually reflect how things are in the movie, but I admit I’m confused by the use of the word “squad” over the book’s term “toon”. Also, is the “Crew” number the entire army? If so, it sounds as though the army sizes have been severely reduced, which could make sense given the small scale of the barracks we’ve seen so far, but part of me had hoped that these were simply toon barracks, not the entire army.

What are your thoughts? Are the 15 crew members simply how many there are in Squad 416? Or is this just a promo image and we shouldn’t read into it too much?


  1. I wounder what all the words are under Crew as well. If you count them there are 14 lines I think they are the names of the Crew and if you count Ender that would make 15? It would be kind of sad if they cut down an Army to that little.

  2. Seth Cecil says:

    I”m going to try and be optimistic and suggest that the squad they are showing, is the squad ender was a part of. remember he put himself with a toon, the fact that it says squad number makes me think that its not the entire army. However that may also be wishful thinking on my part.

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