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Here’s another interview Asa Butterfield did while in Vegas for CinemaCon done by PopSugarTV.

Asa mentioned again what an honor it was to be cast as Ender, mentioning the dedicated fanbase the story has built up over the years. “The story’s become such a cult almost, it’s got such a big following. It’s like a family and for me and the cast to become a part of that, it’s special.”

Since Asa’s last film before Ender’s Game was the CGI-heavy film Hugo, he was asked if that made it any easier doing a movie that involved so much green screen.

“Working against green screens, it’s still different than working against a live person. You just have to have a really strong imagination and Gavin and all the effects people showed us what you call “pre-vis”. So we had and idea of what it was going to look like so that let us play against where everything was in the space.”

The fans’ number one concern is of course how true to the book the movie will be and while we’re all anticipating a lot of changes in the film adaptation, Asa insists that the message will remain intact, “After watching the film you’ll still get the same message as you would from reading the book.”

So… in other words, I’ll be all teary eyed and have an aching heart at the end? 😉

Source: Pop Sugar TV

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